Victims and addicts

I choose to write on a topic that bothers many, especially families.

Most drug addicts are born into families and some are even heads of their families. Addiction destroys the family or those close to the addict in a way that nothing else does. The addict is in a world of his own, selfish, only caring about where he would get his next fix. He destroys the life of family members and friends too. People must learn when to say no and kick the addict out of their lives if they can’t get him to change. Changing is very difficult for them. They are good at manipulation and can do anything for drugs. They will continue to lie. They are always impatient for money, they steal, beg, prostitute etc. there is no limit to what they can do to get money.

Prevention is always better than cure. Don’t say your child is all right. Most addicts were introduced by friends. Always check on who your kids hang out with and most importantly educate them. Start talking to them at an early age, show them what addict turn out to be, tell them not to try it even once because they may think it’s something they can try and decide not to take again but that’s complete lie.

Addicts destroy families and go further to destroy the community. The country too needs to take a stand on addicts.

Drug peddlers are everywhere they are not only united but are powerful. The more people they get addicted the better for their pockets. Handling addicts at the family level isn’t easy, they are sometimes kids that get out of hand, they threaten their parents, they find ways to make life miserable for others if they can’t get what they want. They will find ways to sell family assets and for some you don’t detect early drug abuse because they have sugar coated tongues when they feel it works for them.

War against drug is a war for everyone, it is consuming the society. It gives birth to stealing, prostitution, homosexuality, rape, diseases and many more. Education at an early age should not be undermined, children must learn to detect drugs and also must understand bad characters, sometimes when they see their friends acting macho or stubborn they envy them and try to be like them and that’s when they are being exposed to drugs. Some start it as a way of gaining confident, so parents have to understand all these and prevent their children from falling victims by educating them.

Drugs destroys please be weary of bad friends.